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Sleeping Earthed

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To sleep earthed is to sleep in contact with the Earth's electromagnetic field. Our planet can be likened to a huge electric motor. Our bodies also operate on electrical activity at the fundamental level.

There is a relationship between the human body's electromagnetic activity and that of the planet. We continually exchange electrons with the planet.

We are designed to stay in contact with the planet. This can be accomplished by barefoot walking, and wearing shoes made of natural substances that conduct electricity.

Sleeping earthed, or rather not being earthed,  is more of a problem in the modern world, given how we sleep in beds and surfaces that insulate us from the planet's electromagnetic field.

There is, I believe, a relationship between being insulated from the planet and many types of entity interference. This is supported by my hands on work and observations, and by the historic use of steel as a countermeasure.

The following website has scientific information on this subject, and products designed to help this process.

(Please read and comply with he relevant safety information provided on the following website, if you purchase and use their earthing products).

Sleeping Earthed

Also see the following for low cost solutions:

Grounding Cords and Fabrics

The above website has many EMF fabric options and also sells a grounding cord. (6-foot long ground cord, alligator clip on one-end bites onto fabric, 3-prong-style plug on the other end plugs easily into your grounded outlet.  Grounding Cord, 3-prong/gator (Cat. #A295-3) ...... $6.00.

For maximum protection, I suggest an earthing pad be used in a bed, combined with a magnetic mattress overlay. See  Magnets for Protection.

For a good source of protective healing magnets go to Promagnet.com.

I have had excellent results from using this combination of countermeasures against neg interference. This is the most powerful combination of passive anti neg interference countermeasures I have found so far.