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Try This Trick To See Energy... 99% Of My Students Succeed On Their FIRST Attempt... Clairvoyance Is NOT Impossible

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Dear [[firstname]],

I always say...

"Everyone needs an ounce of experience in order to do anything well."

...But getting this golden ounce for something like OBE or clairvoyance can seem IMPOSSIBLE. Its a real catch 22 situation.

The "Chinese finger trap" is that you can't truly wrap your head around it until you have some experience, but you can't get that experience until you can wrap your head around it.

How To Get Your FIRST GLIMPSE Of Nonphysical Energy

Well, you've come to the right place. Prepare to get your golden ounce. Here's a fun exercise that will give everyone a glimpse of nonphysical energy sight, of fabulous mind's eye vision. 

I've taught this at live workshops and find about 99% of people succeed fairly quickly. This is easier to do than it is to explain the mechanics of how it works, so let's get to it.

Step #1: Lay quietly on your back in bed with the lights off, or in very dim light with no direct light source in view. Stretch out one arm straight from your shoulder. Close your eyes and gaze straight ahead with your eyes relaxed and unfocused. Take a few deep breaths and let yourself settle.

Step #2: Spread the fingers of your extended hand and rotate the wrist so your hand turns from side to side repeatedly, about one second for each turn. Keep gazing straight ahead, with your eyes relaxed and unfocused, behind your closed eyes. Observe this action with your peripheral vision. You will see something moving in that area. Do not look at it. Continue gazing relaxed straight ahead. Spread and close your fingers, rotate wrists, keeping some movement going. Keep observing with your peripheral vision, out of the corner of your eye.

Step #3: The image you perceive will become clearer with a little practice. Keeping your eyes closed, move your head and look towards your hand and try to see it from, to focus on it, from behind your closed eyelids ñ and you'll notice that the image lessens or disappears. Move back to relaxed gazing straight ahead and the image of movement will come back into view, or becomes clearer. 

Step #4: Repeat the above with your other hand. Then repeat this with both hands simultaneously. Be patient. You will see 'something' moving in those areas. It will be indistinct, but a noticeable movement. A vague silvery grey movement.

Step #5: After you have noticed 'some' indistinct movement in the areas of your hands, in a dark room, lift your hand and observe it as you move it here and there, from behind your closed eye lids. Stretch out your arm. Hold your hand several inches from your face and open and close your fingers and rotate your hand. You will see 'something' moving there, as you move your hand.

Step #6: Next, with your eyes still closed and relaxed, try to see the fixtures and furniture and windows and doorway in the room around you, through your closed eyelids, with eyes unfocused and gazing straight ahead. 

You may see vague indistinct shapes of these things. You may THINK this is just imagination. But its a little MORE than that. This will become clear to you with more practice.

To reinforce this exercise, to help further develop your mind's eye vision ability, every time you do this, repeat a few times (silently or aloud) something like "I am clairvoyant. I see energy. I have visions. I am clairvoyant. I see into the astral dimension, I love to see energy."

Practice this every time you go to bed for just a few minutes, and it will steadily improve. It is truly fascinating. No preparations are required beyond turning out the lights and getting into bed. Again, this ability will improve with practice. You will eventually start getting glimpses of parts of your body in full color with great detail, including skin color and texture and body hairs, as if a flashlight were turned on for a moment. 

Laying on your back, each side of you where your outstretched arms point straight from your shoulders, is a kind of magic window where mind's eye imaging is at its strongest. This window is several inches wide and a few feet tall, and seems to be at a distance of a a few feet or so away. If you slowly move your head side to side a little, you'll notice this window moving with you. (You may need a little practice before you'll detect this) 

This Magic Window Is A View Into The Astral Dimension Surrounding This Physical World

This magic window provides a glimpse into the astral dimension. It is the reason why you will sometimes see movement to the side (out of the corner of your eye). You may for example briefly see a spirit or an energy movement, like a fleeting shadow moving. But when you turn to look it disappears. 

This mind's eye ability will tend to improve only slowly, so please don't be worried that you'll suddenly become clairvoyant. You have plenty of time to get used to it.

The practice of Body Awareness Tactile Imaging will help to 'tune' you into this Mind's eye ability.

If you can't see anything at first, just keep trying every time you go to bed.

I think this previously undiscovered phenomenon is how some blind Kung Fu masters appear to be able to see. And how the Ninja train themselves to see and operate in pitch darkness.

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You friend,

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