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Becoming Limitless

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Come one, come all on a journey through the mind and beyond.

I am currently working on letting go. I already have everything I need. I am whole and complete within myself, and that is all I need. I can let go and trust in Source/God/Steve, whatever you want to call It. While it takes some reminding, I know I am sufficient within myself.

Back when I was younger, like 21, I recall constantly feeling like I was looking for the answer, and once I had that answer, I would be complete. Then, one day, I wondered if I already had the answer and if I was asking the wrong question. That thought has stuck with me for the past ten years. I have now come to realize that I do have the answer to the question, and everything I need is within me.

I am now sifting through all the programming and conditioning, and the truth shines through brighter and brighter…

Jesse Bruce
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    Come one, come all on a journey through the mind and beyond....


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