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Becoming Limitless

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I am currently working on letting go. I already have everything I need. I am whole and complete within myself, and that is all I need. I can let go and trust in Source/God/Steve, whatever you want to call It. While it takes some reminding, I know I am sufficient within myself.

Back when I was younger, like 21, I recall constantly feeling like I was looking for the answer, and once I had that answer, I would be complete. Then, one day, I wondered if I already had the answer and if I was asking the wrong question. That thought has stuck with me for the past ten years. I have now come to realize that I do have the answer to the question, and everything I need is within me.

I am now sifting through all the programming and conditioning, and the truth shines through brighter and brighter each day. I know who I am, and I love myself. It's been a ridiculously hard road, and it didn't need to be. But I do believe that there is a reason for that. The places I have been, the people I have met along the way, the feelings I have felt, the thoughts I have had, and the mistakes I have made. It gives me the uncanny ability to understand anyone and anything with compassion, something I think I was already naturally predisposed to anyway.

My anxiety has subsided to a dull roar, and today, I feel grateful and hopeful. Things that I thought made sense to me before making even more sense to me now as if I only understood on an intellectual level before, and now it's making sense to me on a cellular level, like real true understanding. Today I am able to respect and appreciate myself for how far I have come while accepting and not beating myself up about where I want to be or that I haven't gotten there fast enough. I am overcome with trust that everything that came before was all Divine timing, even the things that happened that I hated at the time. I realize now I needed it. With that in mind, I think I can move forward and let go of "my plan" because there is an even bigger and better plan out there that will be revealed to me in time, and it will likely happen quicker and a lot more peacefully if I let go of the control and they "way" I feel it should happen. Today I am excited to see where life takes me.



Come one, come all on a journey through the mind and beyond....


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