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Tomorrow is my court date. I'm confident I'm just going to be getting information about what manner of punishments are on the table. I've got my clothes picked out already, so you know it’s a date.


I've planned a whole day around it actually. I'll get up early, have a nice breakfast, it'll be fun. After court I'll go get a beard trim. That'll be fun too. Look good feel good.


I have a lunch lined up with my buddy at 1pm also which will be nice. In between I'm thinking a gym visit, maybe have a tan or a massage bed.


Do some grocery shopping after that, get myself some baklava from the local restaurant I like.


Yeah. Totally fine. Nothing wrong at all. No worries; not one bit.


Does anyone believe that? I thought it sounded convincing. I drew on my tarot deck and got the 'Hanged Man'. Not happy with that I drew again and got the 'Tower'


So I'm planning for the best; that's how the saying goes doesn't it?


I figure if I fill my day with something besides court I'll have a bit better of a time with things. Still, I am a little worried about things. I won't admit that to anyone else, so it'll be our little secret.


Never mind that my doctor authorized me to return to work and the head of the medical department at work is prohibiting me from coming back. Its so frustrating.


Anyways, its getting late and I want to make sure I am well rested. Lets see how hard my life is going to collapse tomorrow.





We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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