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Strange day; I drew on my Tarot before setting out on my adventures and produced the 10 of swords. I felt really good, so it seemed out of place.


I made a trip to town and only just returned. I got a haircut, which was fantastic; and I went to the gym. It was lovely morning and I even saw some good people which lifted my spirits.


I had lunch with my good friend and our conversation organically turned to a few of our past friends who had, well, passed. I recognized the truth of my card now as we discussed, not the rock bottom of my own life, but that of others we knew. Almost like their lives were the example of ruin portended in my daily draw. We lamented the circumstance of their passing, both young women; both attractive. When drugs are a lifestyle there is only one real outcome, and it is never a positive one. Now the only thing we can do is stand their short existence up as a cautionary tale of how actions and choices have consequences that can send you to the grave if you let them.


The one who I liked the most was only 26 when she died, alone and surrounded by her own debauchery; She had lost her self respect and turned to alcohol, wasting away her sanity and isolating until she passed out for the last time. The other was a looker; my god she was so beautiful. At eighteen she had everything, head of the cheer squad; such a firecracker! Sassy and charming; and so pretty, my god. I remember at a party we were all at the police came because of a noise complaint and she stood up from the hot tub. She runs her hands down her body and tugs on her swimsuit and asked the cops to join us. She ended up getting a lethal dose in a drug den where she was stripped naked and left for dead. She was 30 when she died I believe. As I understand she had fallen into a cycle of abuse and never recovered; she was 85lbs at the end. I wish they were still here.


If you know someone who is struggling with addiction of some kind, please reach out and let them know you are thinking of them. I still wonder if things might have been different if I recognized sooner, the plight they were in.


The truth is we grow apart and our lives are destined to be what we make of them. Make the choice today to let yours expand and include those negative aspects of yourself. Accept them and push to make them a positive; all we need is a change of heart. All we need is to change our minds!


If you struggle with addiction reach out, I'd love to talk with you.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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