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I've made my way back home now. The sun is shining and I am in neutral spirits. I napped in the park this morning, which was agreeable; I found it hard to rouse myself and move forward with my day. I listened to an audio book on my drive home, and the time certainly did fly by. I did some minor running around and appointment making, nothing too fancy.

I slept well last night, once again a series of dreams met me with a certain caliber of awareness. It seemed I reasoned my cat should not have been with me and I became lucid.


The dreams were moving. I didn't seem to stand still at all, constantly carrying my cat with me where I went. Most strangely I could not escape the trappings of a physical body. Gravity and solid objects continued to be obstacles.


I've written previously in a journal of mine about the content of the dreams, so I'll not bother recording them electronically, except to say I felt a new way of opening my third eye when at an appropriate level of  relaxation. I found looking up and straining my eyes slightly with that upward gaze would serve to open it if I was in a deep enough trance.


Doing this when I wasn't ready resulted in minor pain, while if prepared, I could immerse myself clearly into the setting of my dream state.


Regardless, my hairless cat seemed to serve me as a reference for being asleep, and the awareness of having him there was enough to allow me to decern I was indeed dreaming. Knowing I was dreaming did nothing to sharpen or alter the imagery or content of my dream.

John Knox


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