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I slept in a little today. I suppose I needed the rest. It is important to listen to our bodies. I have not been doing the best with my diet and I ate a large plate of food really late last evening. I guess I was a hungry person at the time, but I feel I didn't do my best at the time to supress my hunger. Next time I'll work it out better.


The appointment I had yesterday was a mild disappointment. I had envisioned actually talking with the doctor and coming to a consensus, but instead I only signed a few releases for my doctors to speak. It has bothered me. Today I now find myself in the position of waiting for a ruling. Being passive and waiting.


I know my self identifies with being correct and that managing my expectations would go a long way in regards to managing my feelings. Still, it begs the question, is this a test? I am in a circumstance which presses me with difficulty on all sides.


Legal troubles, work troubles, relationship troubles, alienation from my kids; it all adds up to a mountain. At what point can I get back to my molehill? When we're caught in thought, and don't have the avenues available to move past those thoughts, we can become mired in cul-de-sacs, forever going around the same territory and repetitive thoughts. It makes no difference to our minds because the ego like it that way. It prefers to mire us in the familiar and the easy. What better way of remaining at ease than to be in a black hole of doubt? Nothing to do but wait for help from outside…


Well, the only assistance coming to you for your internal issues is going to come from inside. Return to your center and move past it, right? Easy to say, hard to master. This is not a simple task. Lots of dialog and conflict from within… Whatever does it all mean? How can we calm those churning waters within us?


Only time will expose what is yet to be. Until then, remain present focused and stay on point to keep your life balanced. This eternal present time is all we have to work with. Do your best today.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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