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My martial arts instructor worked us hard last night. It was a good class with a good turnout. A few old members came out, it is pretty awesome.

I like doing classes because it is good to be out of the house and social where able. I have struggled for years to entertain a wide variety of people, however I have very little skill for this and tend to immediately drain my energy quickly around others. This makes physical classes really good.

Being physically able is only part of the mastery, the mental cadence and breath work for stepping and moving is also part of the model. A lifetime pursuit.

It is really hard for me to do sometimes, but persistence is the key. Tenacity. That ol' stick to it.

Is there a deeper lesson than total commitment?

Is there a way? A way to be? Is there a way? A way to see? Is there a way? A way for me?

Yes. I think there is. I feel there is only a part of what is seen, while there is much unseen. An entire world of anything is right there, so close, and yet...

Our place is so obvious, but it is so hard to see.

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce

Hehe. There is a way. But we are like babes in the woods; bumping, whining, and wandering until we develop the sense to truly perceive. There is no other way to do it.

Life gives you feedback all the time. Life is how it communicates. Use your life to sense how it speaks, teaches, and nurtures you.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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