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In the darkest of nights there must still be hope. Hope for a morning, a warmth of light. It can't always be a pit of sadness or sorrow. No, not always; the hope for something more and for the time to bring to us something greater is important. Important as the rain which falls from the sky, and as needed too.


Our internal imaginings are something that falls quintessentially between good and evil. The ambiguity which morality somehow finds a place is flawed. There is no right and wrong, only perspective and time. Imagine how noble it would feel to be knighted and carry a title and prestige, yet without the actions to support that nobility then what is there but hollowness?


Good and evil are the same. We can call upon the words of goodness and badness, frame an event as evil and repugnant, but it is the actions which flavour and paint it as is. A relatable example Is Nazi Germany vs. Modern Germany. How can they both be good? How can they both be evil? Shades of grey, and time have flavoured the two as separate, yet they are the same. Like a person grown from nobility might fall from grace, others might climb themselves from the mud and dirt to change their stars.


Growth, change and learning. Beginning somewhere is as hard and scary as anything could be. The idea of beginning somewhere might be so humbling and embarrassing our minds recoil from it in horror. We feel that shame so deeply we cannot possibly face the truth of what is for it means we are evil and our own selves are disgusting and we revolt against ourselves. Is this normal? I would argue, yes. It is the first step to shedding duality. If you hate yourself so much you can't possibly stand yourself. Then, who is hating and who is hated?


The intrinsic duality is laid bare, and the ego reveals itself as the trickster it is. It fools you with games and feelings and leaves you confused and pointing fingers as to what is good and bad when the truth is there is no good and bad. Morality is a human construct which has no reality of its own. As individuals we can look upon events outside ourselves and pass judgement on them; We find validation with agreement and scorn with disapproval. It is all useless and even banal to waste the time we have on such derision.


We decide; do you want to be sad? No. Nobody wants to be sad, we all aspire to be happy and enjoy life. Still, we have setbacks and sadness does come up as time passes. Do we dwell on this or do we move past it and create a better version of our future? Shall we dig our own graves and give up, or will we carve a path for the future, if it includes us or not? So what is your entire existence is nothing more than a warning to others? It happens all the time; the good die young.


Do we get held back by failure forever, or is it just for a short time? Do we cling to the one moment in our past and feel it forever or can we let it go, move on. I implore everyone to move past what holds them back, realize it is all inside you. Let those old habit die and replace them with things which serve you.


Take the long route to work. Ride a bike, walk even. Find a new way to be. If you aren't happy, change the tape. Get yourself going in a different way and let the new lessons be there for you. Try and you will not fail. Really try it. Do it. Just go ahead and fall on your face and make it all worse. Do it. I dare you to mess it up as bad as you possibly can. Go out of your way to make it fail miserably. Laugh about it and then do it again.


There is no good and bad. Only action and inaction. Only time and healing. Let it do what it is made for and you just be yourself. Warts, scars and all. Just do yourself the justice of recognizing there is no spoon, and it is yourself that bends.





We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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