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Strange few days. Active, yet... So bizarre.

So I perhaps mentioned how my sister-in-law and I had a great conversation in which she helped clean a little negativity off me. She mentioned a few of her practices which follow native American traditions loosely; offering tobacco, saging and so on.

So I went to the crystal shop in town to pick up some sage and crystals. Being the genial man I am it wasn't long before I had both clerks and one of the customers helping me and directing my attentions towards helpful things.

I was feeling really grateful and I decided to get my sister-in-law a gift along with a few of my purchases. As I was finishing up with my choices: Books, sage, crystals, and such; the clerk, Andrea, says to me: These might be a bit outside your regular crystals it's called "Moldovite"

She had a selection of 5 crystals to choose from; I picked a few of them up and decided on one which I only realized later when held to the light, looks like a 'P' and upon flipping a 'b' You could argue that it is a 'd' also, but I digress: My Initials. Upon buying the crystal she informed me hers had changed her life and it was very rare, from a meteorite of some kind.

My total came to 333$ Which they informed me was an angelic number. I've yet to check out the numerology much, but I might take a look later, what stuck with me was the sign of something important.

Did you think that was the best stuff? No my friends, not at all. I go home and unwrap my crystals and get myself smudging with sage. I start in the basement and work up. I hum to myself as I imagine projection goodness into the sage as I feather the smoke and kindly ask the energies which aren't serving me to leave the home.

I get upstairs okay? The sage goes out. Like Profoundly out. The lighter won't work. I get another lighter and it also does not work. So I give it a hard shake. It lights, I touch it to the sage the flame goes out.

At this point I retreat to the main floor, because this seems wrong. I fortunately have included a fat piece of black obsidian in my clutch of crystals and take it with me. I light the sage before going up again and hold the obsidian before me like a shield, with the broad side facing ahead, in a firm voice I say 'negative energies I cast you out.'

As I do this an old DISCONNECTED fire alarm starts going off. IT HAS NO BATTERY OR POWER IN IT. Then a fucking section of ceiling falls down. I'm standing there and feathering my sage like a motherfucker firmly shouting now "I thank you for your lessons now GO. Away Negative Spirit Away!" Then I straight started native chanting. I have no idea when I opened that window but when I did I felt a gust of wind blow out of the window. Like a legit sucking of wind out of the house.

I tossed to ashes outside and it was nuts. My wife calls me within a minute. She tells me she just saw a rainbow and wanted to share it with me. She says she loves me and is sorry we were fighting. She had been stressed and realized that she could put it down and feel better. WHAT THE HELL? Never mind, we made love two nights in a row. We haven't had sex in months and now we are making LOVE.

This morning I'm dreaming, I thought I was awake. I felt my cat, which avoids me, come and lay between my legs. I tell my wife when I am truly awake and she says, no Vinne was not upstairs at all. Thing is, I felt her fur. The other cat is hairless, so it wasn't Shaggy (I know).

I legitimately believe it was a spiritual protector or some kind of positive entity which was able to move into our space with the negativity removed.

TO BE CLEAR< This is the most hokey shit ever. Poltergeists? Crystals? FUCKING MAGIC? Is this for real? Because, if I didn't know any better, which I am not actually sure I do anymore, this is real as it gets.

I took a rest day yesterday. I ever got the family fast food, which I had been avoiding. I know it is a nice treat and I really wanted to indulge in a mindful way. I took my time eating that burger and just soaked in the process of eating it. It was really good. So much better when it is spread out and enjoyed as a treat.

Anyhow, all the love to you today. You deserve it. Take a little time for number one today.



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