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I've been mercilessly hitting the gym, sometimes 3 times a day. I have made some new connections including an older guy who is basically crippled. He had an accident 8 years ago which left him in a state which can best be described as crooked.

We hit it off and he showed me some exercises and I shared some stretches with him and tried to correct his posture. It was nice, I sent him home with a few to try and we're going to hit the gym together again sometime soon.


I'm so confident he'll walk straight again. I told him as much. I can clearly see how he has been twisting his hip to compensate for his back. His hip is basically locked out in ballet first position.


We worked together and he felt a real change almost immediately and was able to stretch those parts which were needing it without having too much pain. I invited him to my martial arts class to become more familiar with the stretches and the way of moving past that pain.


It was so nice to make a new friend. He is an interesting person under his disability and I really believe he is going to overcome it. Kind also, thoughtful.


My wife was not so pleased. Apparently my new friend and I took six hours at the gym and having a lunch afterwards.... On a Sunday... Yeah, she was upset.


I was chill as a cucumber, big workout and made a new friend. Winning!


On a more esoteric note, which I know we all love, my wife went to the crystal shop I did and picked up the exact crystal wind chime I had been thinking about. So bizarre, right?


We have been doing a lot better overall, besides yesterday.


I had a birthday on the 8th; It was nice. My sister came up with my nieces to surprise me.


My new medication is bothering my sleep. I guess I should perhaps try to nap n the day time...


Today I'll drop the children off at my mothers house. I'm confident I'll get a good rest when I get home. Here is hoping I don't crash my car from road mesmerisation. ;p


Have a good day everyone.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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