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Wife and I are clashing huge. I'm so mad at everything right now and it feels like it was all instigated by her and her shitty behaviour.

I know it takes two people to have a disagreement, however it is always easier to see ourselves as the hard done by soul who is on the short end of it.

I am really frustrated with her because she has this idea in her mind of how much better it is going to be for her if she is divorced and it isn't at all going to be like that; At all.

She has this idea of shared custody and separate homes, and its just so unhinged. I told her straight, if she wants me gone I'm out. Bye. Forever bye.

She seems to think that we have children and I wouldn't do that, which is totally incorrect. I would be gone from this house so fast, and I would never look back.

I feel the judgements, what about the children? I think George Carling had a good line about them in one of his comedy acts. At that was Mr. Conductor talking;

I just am tired of this pressure cooker we call life. No work, home life isn't just trash, its total shit, now I'm getting told my living situation is probably changing. What is my motivation to not throw myself off a building?

Honestly, I'm just tired.


We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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