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I called work today to see what the issues are in getting me back on the job. Turns out there is modified work available; janitorial. Some people might cringe at that idea, but cleaning toilets and locker rooms never bothered me. I was good at it too, always do some extra and it was always easy.


I am accepting it. I mentioned that starting after my court date would be nice, which is on the 22nd of this month. I'm cleared to remain off the job until the 2nd of next month, so it isn't a big deal to wait a week or two before going back.


I'll admit, I'm not thrilled about being separated from my normal department, but ultimately I'm glad to see things rolling in the right direction. Having a daily routine of cleaning and managing my emotions at work will be a good step in the correct direction. I'm looking forward to doing janitorial actually. I've done it before and it was always a good rhythm. I never needed to walk faster than a shuffle and nobody ever gave me issue worth remembering.


Cleaning a bathroom is really Zen also, like a meditation of regularity and responsibility. The only person you have to blame for a dirty space is yourself from yesterday for not doing it correctly. Everything else is simple and routine, yet profoundly satisfying.


Cleaning a space over time and keeping it that way is a gift which you can keep giving to other people, especially as a janitor who doesn't use the space much. Making sure that paper towels are filled, toilet paper too; Keeping supplies like hand soap and floor cleaner ready to go. Mopping; I love mopping floors! Especially the real dirty ones with crap in the corners; after doing a good mop you feel just fantastic.


Doing windows can be hard, it isn't always possible to clean both sides, so it becomes a half job and that can be a drag sometimes.


While doing janitorial is a step down in importance compared to my posted position of running the furnace, I think it will be a good change for me. It isn't like I'll be taking a pay cut at all either, since we're a unionized shop. I might just be the highest paid janitor in the history of the plant. I honestly can't wait to find a cupboard to have my lunch in. Best part about being a janitor is hiding in closets; that and taking a break whenever you want.


It is the only job I know where once you are done what is expected of you, you may relax without fear of reprimand. However, if you push past expectation you get rewarded with all kinds of things. Mostly food; come to think of it, always food. I don't know how many doughnuts and chips and sandwiches I used to get. I could arrive at work with no lunch and have enough to eat.


Anyhow, I'm positive it'll be a good move. Provided the court date goes well. I don't foresee any issues, I am just waiting for the disposition. I suppose they have a big case load, so I'm just patiently waiting for mine to get reviewed. Whatever happens I'm ready to accept it and continue with my personal process.


Tonight I'll stay in town at my buddies house. I've got my first night back at my martial arts club, so I believe I might be a little tired after class to make the big trip back out here. Besides, I'll be able to get myself to the gym tomorrow and also get a hair cut in the morning at some point before coming back. I think the change in routine will be good for me.


I have an ambition to bring along my lap top and see if I can include some writing also. Including things like this in my daily life, wherever I choose to go is, to me, a representation of being authentic and not hiding myself away. Using my skills and being a participant in reality is a good ambition which isn't to be overlooked. Taking the time to really steep myself in the places which I find myself in the most honest way possible is a good way to attract what I need in my life.


I'm off to make a lunch and maybe pack a dinner too. Planning a picnic for myself in the park in the late afternoon today because I'm awesome.

John Knox


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