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The day before I was put off work was the 'office x-mas' party. I had broken down the day before a bit over my troubles, as I mentioned in the past... at the time, I didn't know I would be put off...

As we gathered and talked, the waitress mentioned to me how another fellow had come by also to the party, but nobody knew him because he was new.

I knew that wasn't going to go over with me, so I approached him and spoke at length about all manner of things. It was clear to me right away that he was a good guy. Shy; but passionate!

He was happy to talk with me about the area he'd be going to and I was glad to have someone to talk to who wouldn't judge me for being so emotionally un-resilient the day before.

Arthur told me of his passion for wrestling, and of his favourite wrestler, Valhalla. He was a good guy, really passionate about wrestling and 'who was doing well' and 'the stories' and it was so nice to hear.

In the past I watched a lot of it and I remember loving it so much, but it was for kids.... ? wasn't it? Yet here is a man, 10 years my senior, enjoying the fuck out it. A nice guy. I've had several drinks at this point and introduced him to the other fellows in the department and it was all very nice.

We talked a few more times before he left for the night, and I staggered home.

So today, I'm watching a podcast with a couple of people who live the Viking lifestyle in their life, which thought was cool. Turns out, its the wrestlers who he liked. And they talked about their whole life story on this podcast; I fuck you not, the most interesting shit I have heard in sometime.

These people, professionally wrestle, (like on national television, three times a week) run a farm, like a Viking farm with whole milk and heritage livestock the whole shebang. And then, they do Viking re enactments.

Who has the time? They do it all together. Everything. It was really cool to see that. They made it work.

I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I thought they were both very charming and earthy. Very different from their wresting personas.

There is a great duality they get to play out which I think charges up their life somehow. When we are whole and expressive and creative our real desires just find a way to come out in our passions.

I feel life many of my own passions were left to simmer, but maybe a little childish entertainment should be on the menu more often!



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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