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I awoke at 3:33 today and sat at the edge of my bed in contemplation. It wasn't long before I was meditating and my mind began to recall my dreams in a bid to distract myself. I succumb and I remembered my dreams more thoroughly that usual. My main takeaway was modelling.


If you aren't familiar with the concept then strap in, because I have a lot to say about it. It involves choosing people to model and behave like in circumstances with are similar to your own, to get the result which they got, sometimes without as much pain and suffering.


My dream was multifaceted this night, so forgive me if I relay things out of order. At one instance I was a marine, training in exercises with my fellow marines. I witnessed one being shot in the foot by a training weapon. It still hurt him and he expressed that pain by rolling backwards and floating on his back; I forgot to mention we were in shallow water. The next man, as he came to the shore was similarly shot and responded the same. Now the third man, gripped his foot and lay back in the water without being shot, just like the two before him and the instructor laughed a bit and noted that it isn't too often you encounter a person who doesn't need to be shot. The instructor then inflated the mans buoyancy vest and pulled him in line with the other two. Everyone thereafter followed suit and lined themselves up, inflating their own vests. I was the man second to last in the line and I spoke with the man on my left. He spoke with an African American vernacular and told me he had be modelling for years on account of not having a father, and that even bad models had their purpose. He told me his name was Brian when I asked. (I lowkey think I can interpret that as brain, for dream sake. We  quickly formed in ranks and he asked If had met different people in the troop to which I replied I had not. He named a few and I needed to respond no.


I found myself in a populated slum, with trashy things and luggage stacked to the ceiling. A fellow asked me for a bulb from a box to put into the fixture above him which I obliged, asking if there was only luggage pack up to the ceiling all the way back, since I needed to go there. He replied yes. I handed him the bulb and on trying to install it, he dropped it. It bounced around for a time, while he and an Asian man fumbled with it almost like a bouncy ball. Eventually the Asian guy hit it with such a force it spun wildly and shattered as it hit the ground. They were both amused but I didn't understand the comedy.


I found myself riding my bike again but there was a commotion, a guy who I now think looked like a fellow I new briefly 20 years ago was in a doorway with a pistol in his hand, trying to be intimidating. He was having words with a few people outside his door. I thought to myself,

'Geeze, that is assault.' I rode my bike by the scene without getting involved.


I'm not sure what it all means, but my takeaway was this:


If we model behaviours from others and find out what works for them and do it in the exact circumstance and in the same spirit, we will get the same result. This morning to remember my dreams I needed to sit still until I moved myself and It was 4:04.


If I had not been patient with myself and my practice I would have forgotten my dreams and I might have missed the opportunity to recall my dreams all together. Instead, I was patient and quiet and the memories offered themselves up freely to me. All I needed to do was wait.


In the same way, I believe everyone has the pathway available to them also. We all share the human condition and while I am in a different circumstance, in is small potatoes compared to the vastness of what our awareness in capable of.


You might find, for example, that your models from yesterday are outmoded where they once served you. It doesn't mean they are bad models, it just means you have outgrown them. Don't be afraid of finding new ones to affirm your tastes or, if you prefer to change them. The choice is yours.


Don't ever be the type of person who is limited. When Brian was meeting me in my dream, he expressed how he had no father and was constantly modelling what was best for him. All people around us are potential models. A man who is well dressed. A woman who has good posture. A baby who is soundly sleeping without a care in the world. Hitler could even be a good role model. Obviously he was a fantastic orator and a man of compelling charisma. He charmed an entire nation into blindly following him! Much like Napolean; He was responsible for a lot of strife and hundreds of thousands of men died in wars he started. He was a brilliant strategist who's equal has probably not been seen since. His victories are legendary. He was also a man of great vanity and his pursuits for the glory of France were for himself alone. He didn't care about the lives of his people, only that his gained accolades and victories.


I might be betting off topic. My point is don't discriminate. Even a person of dire circumstance can still be a source of inspiration.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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