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I'm fasting today. I was told that by fasting I can potentially unlock some of the toxins that are hiding within the deep fat of my body. By putting myself into a state of ketosis, I can begin to burn fat which has accumulated in my body and as they break down for energy, the toxins which were trapped in there becomes loose again and can be cleaned by my liver and kidneys.

As a little bonus, since I'm not digesting anything, the other organs get a chance to catch up on whatever backlog of purifying they ned to do with additional energy available from not needing to digest.

So many practices from the past point to fasting as a good way to purify our bodies. Ritualized and incorporated into religion, it shows up time and time again used in assistance to vision quests by the natives, walk-about by aborigines, Ramadan, Lent, the list goes on.

I had been thinking about how sick I have been becoming lately... So the place I work at is super toxic. The air is full of sulphur and graphite and the dust is so metallic that you will have black bloody runners in your snot. Daily. Masking up is a must, but the seal isn't perfect all the time. Now, combine me being away with a minor change in diet, not so much sugar, because no soda and no sweets on the job since I have been off.

I start loosing weight and I get sick. Real sick. I start by having an entire day of nausea, then a head cold, then I caught Covid-19. Now, I'm feeling alright, but I have this extremely scary looking yellow greenish red tinge to my snot.

It all got me thinking, what if the problems I'm having are related to all the toxins my body has built up within my fat by working in the crap environment for so many years. That means, if I fast really hard I should be able to purify myself and take another step in the direction of mastery.

So here is now, going to fast for a day, see how it goes.



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