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I've been put off work indefinitely; not the best outcome. I knew this other doctor was up to something shady when he mentioned the really pretty and really young nurse to me... unsolicited. He even guessed at my DSRM-5;

It was just insulting, but I pushed past it.

Even when, as I had expected my case was moved down a tier in the HR department, I became a sensitive case still, but as this new person said "It's okay, everybody knows about this."

I end the call politely and agree to mange these papers to the best of my ability.

I am shocked to my core at the casual way this stranger simply 'knows' something about 'me' which I don't and it has really troubled me deeply.

I pushed past it again, and am now really on edge. The rest of my day seems poised upon a knife's edge somehow. I'm just caught between a great deal of really big factors in my life which pull me and it is hurting a bit.

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Feb 21

Sorry to hear that, Patrique. Suffering is an important part of the journey though. It is the path to cleaning and correcting the self. It can be exciting, for it indicates growth to come. A new you. The outgrowing of an old you that was getting in the way and causing you to suffer.

I can't help but see the similarities here to the that you mentioned earlier. Something about the way that someone does something and how it makes you feel. The feeling...



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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