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Familiar Crossroads;

In a morning with clouds so dark they ward off the light of the day, it can seem time passes a little slower. This is one of those mornings.

My wife has gone for the day and the children prepare their final steps for their school day. I take a few minutes to write something and attempt to be patient.

I used to yell at them to hurry, but I found that not to my liking. It was a process because yelling immediately gets what I need, but it isn’t very nice, it made me feel bad later.

Talking to children and spending time with them has allowed me to learn that there is a softer way of doing things, a way which uses more strength, and yet less force; a quiet way of leading with kindness and integrity.

If these lessons seem familiar, would it be alright to smear the experience further and include men at work, or people at the grocery store. I wonder if it could be everyone, or even me.

That’s where it ends so many times. When it comes we come personally to receive compassion or understanding we are less able to provide for ourselves than a stranger!

Allowing in love for ourselves isn’t simple. It is the task of a lifetime.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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