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The gym was filled this morning, but not so bad since the weight machines were mostly available. I worked on my back and shoulders with a few exercises which tickled me. I didn't realize how strong I am.


Like not perhaps lifting the most weight, but I'm able to put up repetitions far more consistently that others I see. It isn't as if I'm lifting very light, but within my range, I see other fellows how are doing similar weights but are capping out at 8 or nine reps while I can do like 30.


I just have the wind. The air. I can breath down the work and flush out the lactic acid better than some others I think. It makes me take a long time though. While others were doing sets of 3 I'm doing 5 or six sets. I just have better vascularity I believe.


Anyways, I worked a bit of shoulders and back this morning. It was early and my medicine was making me a bit ill, however, I persisted and managed to get myself doing what worked best for me. A little muscle burn, some seated rows, it was good.





My wife lost the fob to our van a few months back; towards the end of January or the start of February. I had begged off getting a new one because I assumed it was going to be a few hundred dollars to get a new one. I was right.

So I finally motivated myself to head to the dealership after having broken my gas cap cover. I carelessly walked into it while it was open and broke the plastic.

After getting to the service department, I was told it would cost nearly 900 dollars to do this thing. Not including the 500 for the gas cap!


Unreal. I was crestfallen. I phoned my wife and told her. Do you know what she did?


After hearing the news it was going to be so pricy she decided to investigate where it could have been lost. So she phoned up a few places to determine if the lost and found had it. SHE TOTALLY FOUND IT! Also, she found a very special key on her ring which belonged to her late grandmother.


She called with so much excitement it was contagious! I was so grateful for her efforts and finding it was such a big deal. It was like winning the lottery; just more personal.


Totally worth it. If you remember the other day I took the wrong vehicle and stranded her at home causing a huge fight. Come to think of it I may have written about that in my journal, not online.... I digress. Now that won't happen.



As a little bonus today I wanted to share some affirmations you might enjoy:


I am kind.

I feel kind.

I act in a kind manner, and do kind things.

I love being kind and having kindness in my life.

I speak kindly and express myself with kindness.

I see kindness all around me and sense it in the world.

I understand kindness and the benefits it brings.



Have a great day everyone!



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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