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I finished writing up a separation agreement for my wife and I using one of those kits. I figure I'll pay her the required payments for the children and offer her the house for a dollar. It's worth somewhere just south of 500K, so says my online home cost tabulator. I'm hedging the cost of the house against her seeking alimony or personal support. I figure if she takes the house she can get her parents to cosign and I'll be free of the need to ever pay her support of alimony of any kind. I'll still pay for the children, of course.


I'm hoping to simply have a flat payment I'll make until the children are adults. Done. It'll be tight for her to manage on her own, but not unmanageable. She'll need to tighten up her personal spending, but ultimately the costs should leave her with a good surplus each month, provided she stops shopping for herself all the time.


Doing that filled a good portion of my afternoon, time well spent. I feel like I really have locked down the basics. We'll talk more about it and probably get a lawyer involved to finalize things, but this feels like an important step.


Earlier in the day I helped move my martial arts club into our new location: The YMCA! Remember how it was closing up? Well not anymore. It seems someone quietly donated a large sum of money and after getting a competent accountant to look at the books it wasn't so dire as believed.


Anyhow, those mats are heavy, and we did a lot of them. I worked doing that for probably 3 hours this morning. It was nice to get a bit of a sweat on. I'll try really hard to get into class tomorrow, even though it is at 7pm.


I am accomplished today. Activity seems to raise my mood significantly, probably all the endorphins; I highly recommend it .


I helped my mom make stuffed peppers which are cooking right now, I can smell them. I'm getting hungry.

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We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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