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The party went well; We managed to sit in my sun room for the evening with the help of a little wood stove I had rigged up in there, It was a lot of fun.

Did you know it is bad luck to clean up yesterday? You see, during the Chinese new year, there is a tradition which states if you clean up, you may sweep away all the luck.

I had a monster fight with the wife earlier in the day, we've come to a de-escalation since before the party.

Anyway, after morning kick fit class, (which she still went to because she is super tough and committed) I talked to her about my feelings, because: honesty.

I had written a letter, so during the course of our talk when we got off topic or it came to personal attacks, which can happen; we we're able to stay on point or I was able to refer to a part of the letter where I had addressed the concern and we talked more and it was a really good agent to move things forward for a real heavy talk.

Anyhow, she took a nap after and I went to the grocery store. We shared a more balanced afternoon once our kids we're home. During the lead up to the party my wife encouraged me to see if there was a proper way to get the stove going, and I did manage it.

We entertained our guests, the kids entertained themselves, all around good time. So ends the night of fine talk and snacks and laughs. I'm entertained with conversation and everyone has fun.

Now, It's time to clean up all that luck. All the laughter and good times are collected and it has been a process! Unsupervised children sure know how to have a good time! I cleaned that zone up just before breakfast. This not only impressed my wife, who anticipated the worst, having heard my lamentations from the night before, but also my children, who understood the scope of the mess I cleaned down there.

Well, my oldest is a little ungrateful actually, he's just cranky because he went to bed at 2330, which is very late. My youngest was almost delirious he was so jacked on snacks and everything last night, but today he is relatively normal.

I woke up so angry though. Strange. I just stared at myself in the mirror flexing and rolling my energy cores around, I was just bound up a bit from the alcohol perhaps. I had perhaps a litre and a half of beer over the evening, with a few more salted nuts than maybe I strictly needed...

I focused on cleaning this morning instead of doing my exercises, I got up late since we went to bed late.

Still, by 0830 I was up and everyone else was still asleep. I just got to it and showered and started cleaning the basement. It was good, we have had a good morning so far and my wife was very pleased to not have an unmitigated disaster in the basement. She made me an egg, perfectly.

I felt a good momentum and progressed my day until now, nearly lunch. Perhaps a bit of fruit and more protein...

best day to you!

Adam "chmuroN" Banasiak


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