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I had a dream this morning. It was strange, but at one point I was blamed for something that was clearly not my fault. I stood up for myself and explained that it was hardly my fault the vehicle wasn't in drive if I wasn't the one operating it.

I remember the feeling of it; saying it.

I don't remember much else unless I think that specific part of the dream. Everything else is connected there but it doesn't come to mind unless I remember the only part I can, that feeling.

Something about the feeling surrounding it was important somehow...

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Feb 21

That is what dreams are often about. Feeling. In fact, feeling is the primary language of our being. It is the source that determines who we are and know all things to be. It is how we connect. Dreams and experiences in life provide us with opportunities to explore such feelings. For you, in this case, do you think that you may have responded in a way that was more reactive? How, in all that is good and wise, would you choose to handle that situation differently?



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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