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Although I've not remembered my dreams very very well myself, my wife attests that I've been doing weird things in my sleep like kicking my feet out or swishing the covers, as if kicking or punching quickly

Doing my martial arts classes recently, perhaps my night-time activities are a bit deeper than I might have thought!

Besides sleep, I did get the living area painted. It was touch and go the for a bit, but it got finished. My wife even reordered the furniture and made the room look nicer.

I'm still disappointed about work, but I guess there is a party happening at my house for the Chinese new year! It is actually a birthday for two of the moms who are part of our school's PTA. I asked if they would like to have a party here, since my wife and family have been invited over to their places a few times now, I figured it was my turn to host.

At least being off of work I can really turn this party into a winner for my guests. I've promised a fire outside and I shall deliver.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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