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Last day of the month and the last day of the week. I haven't long before I need to begin my commute to work. It makes me a little sad that I'll be leaving the house a solid hour earlier in a few weeks. Right now is early enough!


I managed to talk myself out of one charge during my court appearance and pled guilty to the other for a deferred sentence; I've got 60 days to do some counselling, get a report or two, at least make some efforts. I've already done so much, but I did see there are some family options also, which should allow me to gain something useful from it.


It has been a good week, I've gone to the gym each day and have been active with work during the week. I feel accomplished and like I'm building things up again. My…


Tomorrow will be my first day back on the job since before Christmas! I'm glad to finally be back; It was a difficult to be away so long. Such a hard experience to manage, being disconnected from the job and alienated from my family while pushed from my home. I onboarded medicine which was ultimately useless and lost everything that every mattered to me and moved on.


Now is where I rebuild my life; who knows what it will become now? Do you? What sort of challenges will I face and what manner of feats will I accomplish? It doesn't matter; that is the truth. Nobody cares and it doesn't matter. Somehow that is liberating and perfect.


I am really looking forward to the simplicity of it all. Books on tape and everything; back to basics.

John Knox

Well it looks like all my court documents came in. Everything appears relatively square; I'll make my important calls today and get myself prepared for appearing to the court. I can't imagine what the punishment will be, but I'll bear it with equanimity and quiet resolve.


Be it jailtime, community service, or some manner of fine, I'll complete my obligations and move forward with my life. I'm starting back at work next week also, which does leave me missing a day for court, but that's small fish compared to the time I have already missed. I'm just happy to have something to return to, even if it is cleaning toilets and mopping floors.


I did mention how much I loved janitorial right? Nothing more satisfying than cleaning an area and managing your own daily work. Nobody bothers a janitor who is doing his/her work well and with a…


Strange day; I drew on my Tarot before setting out on my adventures and produced the 10 of swords. I felt really good, so it seemed out of place.


I made a trip to town and only just returned. I got a haircut, which was fantastic; and I went to the gym. It was lovely morning and I even saw some good people which lifted my spirits.


I had lunch with my good friend and our conversation organically turned to a few of our past friends who had, well, passed. I recognized the truth of my card now as we discussed, not the rock bottom of my own life, but that of others we knew. Almost like their lives were the example of ruin portended in my daily draw. We lamented the circumstance of their passing, both young women; both attractive. When drugs are a lifestyle there is…



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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