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Welcome everyone. I have migrated this from my 'experiences' thread. It's been a while since I've consciously projected- shortly before the panda thingie started I had one experience with my mom (late 2019) in which she told me not to call her, and a few spontaneous experiences in which I floated around and found myself floating sideways to where I sleep.

This happened two times in 2020 (June 6, and August 9). It's like there's now a current going from South to North in a higher level in my room that didn't use to be there.

This seems to have stopped- I went out a couple of days ago and had an astral projection that was pretty unremarkable.

Feb 24

I forgot to write a bunch of stuff, so I'll start with the day after Halloween of 2021. We stayed at a hotel, the same one we stay at when we visit my son- we stayed in room 111. The whole entire night I was attacked. I went to sleep on the right side of the bed, and the second I fell asleep I started to dream I was being beat up by a man, and I was crying saying "I'm sorry" as he hit me. I woke up my husband and told him of my weird dream. He said the right things and we went back to sleep. I go back to sleep, and start dreaming a man is hitting me where I lay. I fight back, but I'm in bed and he is hitting me from the right side. I wake up, I think I yelled and woke up my husband. Then go back to sleep, I wake up again, this time I'm turned sideways with my back to the space, and I can feel blows on my back- it hurt a lot. I woke up again, prayed to St. Michael and felt protected and turned around to face the space. After that there was no more activity. Then we decided to never stay in that room again.

Feb 24

This is three days ago, it is not a liminal experience, but it may set up what happened last night.

I was sitting on the couch, had shorts on, was sitting with my legs on the ottoman, not crossed, but slightly bent as I have knee issues- when all of a sudden I feel a strong burning pain on my right thigh. I look and there is a mark in the shape of a "C" on it- I am astounded as it is a continuous C, not in dots or anything like a rash. My husband is on the couch and he sees it. I get up to the kitchen, and I look again and it starts to fade. By the time I look again the mark is gone, as if it wasn't there before. I touch the area, no tenderness. If my hubby hadn't seen it I might have thought it never happened.

That day the only thing that happened was that we had gone to the hobby store to get some plastic plants for my bedroom (I painted a mural and wanted to put some plastic 'palm trees' in front to give it perspective. I mention it because it's the only place we went to that day, besides to a restaurant for lunch. (Oh, I didn't even think about that place.)

But this happened in the family room, on Sunday (today is Thursday I think).

Last night and this morning

I was dreaming I went to a card reader or a spiritual circle, I may have been with my mom, but it's not clear.

The medium starts to go into a trance (or fake a show), and as she makes all the right sounds, I start to go into a trance. I don't lose consciousness but I am "overcome" by lethargy and as I topple back my feet start to come off the ground. I am now floating a few inches off the floor. Not enough to be noticed in a crowd but one of the women that are in the circle sees me and 'gives the alarm'. I start to float up uncontrollably, and start to drift off. This is very pleasant and I am not afraid (I do this too often) except that I have no control of where I'm going. I feel someone grab me by the shoulders from behind just like when you're floating in a pool. I float off in various directions, like a balloon that is directed by the air. The person that is 'holding on to me' is not guiding me, (it was my cat sleeping on my arm).

At some point I am in some sort of Buddhist monk retreat, they're all wearing saffron robes. They're surrounding me (in a circle again), and following or chasing me. I just keep flying on my back as if I were in a recliner. I am conscious but not 'all' there. After I don't know how long of them trying to grab me one of them crouches in a position that looks like kung fu (or tai chi) - something like crouching tiger- and I can feel a pull towards his open hands- like he was pulling the chi I was 'riding on' towards him. Now I started to talk to him, asking him what the name of that pose was, when I woke up. It was interesting, because he was helping "bring me back to ground". I woke up feeling strangely good.

Mar 01

Something supremely weird- about two days ago I was in the garage doing laundry and could swear I could see a box behind me. I kept turning and of course there was nothing there. Later on I was in the office sorting some paint bottles (I'm painting a mural and have paint bottles all over the house, I'm one of those chaotic people) when I could see a huge box, like a cardboard box behind me- like you see over your shoulder and there it is- but of course I turned my head and there was nothing. This is the second time in my life I have seen something like that. And it's not looking at something, it's a sideways glance thing. This is weird and I felt I had to write it down to see if it's going to mean something in the future. Or just me being weird.


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