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For a while nothing 'extracorporeal' has happened- it's true that I haven't had the time to meditate, and I think that is directly related to it.

I sometimes wonder if something happened to me in the last two years, something got "turned off". It's true that I have begun to dream of some of my deceased loved ones, but it's been very few and far between. I think the incident with the haunted hotel room was the only extraordinary experience I've had, except for one 'sort of' precognitive dream, that I'm probably over-interpreting.

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
09. syysk. 2022

Hehe. This is likely because you do not truly desire the 'extracorporeal' enough to act in a way that will make you more receptive to having those kinds of experiences. You are simply interested in other things, and that is perfectly okay.

Movement is intrinsic to life. Every body is about their boats upon the great cosmic sea of souls. In what direction I wonder, dear traveler, are you headed? Compare this, now, in your heart of hearts, to the direction that you would like to go. Of what is it that you seek? Of what treasures do you intend to find? And of what distant places do you desire to sleep? Can you describe such a destined place? Or, perhaps, are you adrift in waiting for the wind of inspiration to alight your passion and fulfill your wings?



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