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Yesterday in the morning something happened and it scared the beJesus out of me. I woke up and it was around 6:30 AM, the sun was coming up, and it was in that time where it's light but not light. I had a pillow over the left side of my face (for warmth) and as I heard the shower and open my eyes, I see what looks like a man standing at my doorway. I couldn't see the whole of him because he was sideways, looking towards the back of the house, but I could see the back of his head, his back, wearing a white or light shirt, and dress shorts. He was also around ten feet tall, because his head was in the same area as the top of a wall in the kitchen. I immediately thought "this is hypnagogics" as I had just woken up. But the terror I felt was impressive, and not in a good way. I thought to myself, If I move the pillow he will most likely disappear, but at the same time I thought "if he is a real person he will see I moved the pillow and come in. Then I thought "I do not want to see his face". I imagined an evil face, but I couldn't see it. He didn't move, proving he was a hallucination, but I still was too afraid to move the pillow. For the longest time I lay there holding this pillow for dear life, until I realized I had to use the bathroom and I was going to have to move. Then I moved the pillow, he disappeared, and I ran to the bathroom, where my husband was, coming out of the shower.

My whole point to all of this is that I hadn't had any kinds of 'paranormal' manifestations except for the occasional shadows that decide to visit, which I immediately banish, and thought nothing could scare me, because I have had so many things happen to me that I thought I was immune to 'paranormal fear'. It is true that I was sure he wasn't real, but what really scared me was the thought that he might be a physical person who sneaked into the house and for some reason became absorbed with something in the back of the house and just stood there while I was asleep and my husband was in the shower.

And it goes to show that no matter what manner of scary things have happened, you can always get scared if you wait long enough.



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