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A couple of days ago I did something. I probably did it 'subconsciously on purpose' to shake things up, so here it is.

Lately the state of the world has got me feeling unstable (not emotionally unstable, just not liking the feeling that nothing is set in stone- something that never bothered me before. So in my attempts at meditation, which really turns into introspection and some rambly writing (like now) in which I ask for confirmation that there is more than appearances and that it's somehow going to be ok. When I do this I usually get an answer 'from the universe' and usually that pacifies me, but not lately. I'm stirred up.

So I got interested in looking at the UFO/UAP phenomenon as entertainment, since nothing else calms me down (yeah, issues). So I've been participating in some Reddit forums in which there seem to be controversies betwee…

Shaffy Hansildaar
Shaffy Hansildaar
Mar 21, 2023

E.T. phone home! Do you know where Rama is, he is not a paying member, I see?



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