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IA's Dream Diary

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Last night was different than I am used to. In the dream there was a beautiful ribbon and I streched my hand to take I come to full awake but I could feel and see the dream atmosfhere or what to call it...and I had my arm up streched to take the ribbon....I was surprised that I did not have the ribbon in my was so real...but what is new is that I could see the dream and wake state totally seamed that dream atmosphere is different from wake state atmosphere...could see clearly the divider line so to say between these 2 states of mind.

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Dec 05, 2023

Excellent. You are starting to become familiar with the 'physics' of dreams. Just as we have rules that determine how we engage and experience reality, so too do dreams have rules that we can depend on and work with. It is exactly this familiarity we need to connect with the spiritual world in a ‘realistic’ way. Well done!



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