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IA's Dream Diary

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This last night dream depicts how I felt during my childhood and very long time of my adulthood too....the dream was like this....My sister wanted me to go with her...I was stressed but I followed with her....she was trying to get me to the hospital for making me look like I was mad...I told my sister that I must not be late for my work...and when I looked at my wrist watch it had sister had a friend with her and I she told me that the time was 2.30 middle of the night....I told my sister is enough now...I go back home...but she insisted me to go with her to her home....after a long argument she won and I followed her...back at her home she showed how irritated she was of me...I felt such a fear...I went to the door to look if it was it was I locked the door...I told her that the door was not locked and soon you could see the handle go down...someone tried to get inside...I tried to look out of the peep hole but he who was behind the door put it´s finger to block out ....soon my boyfriend come too there...he had a girlfriend with him...I felt devestated....I told my son...I will not stay here for any more minut....and here I woke agony....I want to get this old feeling out of me....NOW. Period!


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