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IA's Dream Diary

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Lately I again have misstaken dreams to be awaken last night...I move my legs in bed and I feel a sting...I moove my legs back and forth and I noticed that it is a needle sticking up from my bed where my legs I feel this several time...but when I wake up and I investigate the bed...there is no needle??....My thought was when I felt the needle that I will look at it when I get the dream I thought I was awake...but too tired to investigate the bed at once...

I have had several other happenings what I have not I thought I was awake...and that things happened me thinking about the dream state is becomming so similar to awake state so I think that I might not be able to keep them appart...I hope not...I want to be clear about what is dream and what is not....

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Apr 03

Hehe, well, good or bad, that depends on how you look at it. I can relate to you here though, as it can be quite unsettling not being able to know what is reality and what is dream. But as long as you are not doing this while awake, there is not problem with it. I believe you are going through the process of becoming more comfortable with your astral body. It is still connected to the dream, but your lucidity is improving. Eventually you should be able to know that you are dreaming, or, perhaps, in the astral, and can start to engage with your other realities in a more reliable way.



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