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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was sitting in a car but I was not the driver. The man who was the driver was in charge. He had his window down and a boy child come and asked if he can use the phone and I gave mine to him...the boy said his dog was missing and he wanted to call someone for help...the man driver did not like so he cut shot the phone using before the boy did get any answer the phone...I was very nervous all the time to irritate the man and cause his anger...I got out of the car and had the feeling...I had enough of this...and started to walk up a steep hill with snow...I had to work hard to get on top of the hill/mountain....awoke before I could see what was on top of the hill/mountain...the man had followed me he did not want to leave me alone ...maybe not to loose the control of me....


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