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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream was a bit strange...I was waiting for a couple to meet me...but 2 men come...and I thought I knew one of I asked ...were is your wife...both men looked at each others ...and then looked forward...and few persons where walking a bit away from I thought in my mind that the wife was walking with that other croud....we walked nearly in silence...then I turned and looked at the men and I saw that I did not at all know them...and I said it to them....I do not know you...No they said...and now I noticed that they where criminals/conmen....they did appreaciate that I after I got to know who they are I still respected them....

In this episode I was partisipating in a strange seremoni...I had stuck in between teeths looked like a floss the seremoni the head master was the one to remove it...he started to try to get it out pulling downwards...I was sure he will pull out my I asked if he could try to pull upwards maybe there is more room so tu say and can be drawn out...but here I awoke...



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