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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was in a big town was something familar so I must have bean here before....I was walking upwards an alley with shops both sides of the street...I look downwards and there is a huge window of the shops...for some reason I take a stone and cast it down and it breaks this huge window...first thought was to run...but then I feel I have to take responsibillity and report this that it was me....I try to find the polist station...I ask a women where the polis station is...she ponts first at one direction...and when I look where she point...she vanished in the thin air.....I see some sailors come out from a door...I ask them where the polis station is...and he grins and I understand that I stand just infront of the polis station...I went in and went to the reception...I see that I have to take a cue ticket...I ask where is the bathroom...and here I woke up because I have to for real go to the bathroom...


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