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IA's Dream Diary

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Last nights dreams has bean about death ....when I am falling to sleep ...I can not breath and has to awake me from falling to sleep....this happened several times last 2 times I had to get up and be awake like an houre...and when get back to sleep it happened again....I first thought that this was really happening for real...but it showed to be only this kind of dreams...and I suspect that this has to do with the 6 months what I can not remember when I was beatened up in the 1981....I do not even remember to bean in son have asked me why I was in the hospital hooked into some maschine and tubs all over me....he was 3 yrs old when this sister will not tell me..or talk about this...just starts to cry...and saying...I do not want to talk about this.....I know that my sister had my son at this time....



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