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IA's Dream Diary

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In Last night dream my aunt took help from me to talk to her husband (her husband did abuse me as a child, I was 15 when I exposed aunt wanted to divorse him and her lawer did talk to me and my sister and my aunts daughter because he have abused all of us..her husband nearly killed my aunt to take back the divorse and she aunt said I am sorry to me but did not say or help her daughter...the abuse did continue towards her daughter) in the dream we are sitting me becides my aunt and her husband on the other side the table...she looks at me and in her eyes she is hesitant...I say to do not have to do this for me...she looks at me and asks...for whom then....for your daughter and for yourself....Both are on the other side....we had her funaral at 16/2-24 she was 94 yrs old.


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