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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream was strange and I am not sure I can express it thorogly...I was with a young man with bare chest and a staff...and a very old women.. small and thin with gray long was about our ansestors...somekind of manifestation...we where to a lake with a bridge...the man asked me did you catch I he come and he hugged me and wow what a strong energy...thank you I catch it....soon the old lady come and she hugged me and said...your seed is like a pale ghost...she opened her mouth and pushed her mouth towards mine and said...take it...I was a bit hesitant...but I trusted her...she said..take the bonbon...and it was big and oval like a crystal like bonbon...she helld it between her teath so I took it...she said...did you feel the Lord...I was not sure what she I did not say anything...she said something about a like a octopussy refered to somekind of force...I did not understand....I just was into the moment....I hope I will remember more in time....

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Nov 13, 2022

This is a powerful dream. You have made your intent clear. The gods accepted your wish. With the seed now placed in time will grow. All you need do is stay true to the course. Allow the seed to guide you toward that which you intend to be. Trust in the seed.



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