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IA's Dream Diary

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Astral Projection

I have bean thinking back and forth if I shall log this okay here it goes..I do not undrestand it though...

I was in somekind of casle I had to collekt some documents ..I knew they where in a brown leather shoulder bag...I go from room to room and in one room I see it on the floor...I enter carefully....I take the bag and I hear a voice saying to the daggers out of me...he had 3 daggers in him so I carefully removed them...then he say...GO now...I am hesitant to leave him ...but he is firm to say...go...I am in a room with I take and lay the coat on my cholder to seal the bag...when I come out of the casle...a man is threatening me...but suddenly a man blocks the man and smiles to go....and here I wake up....


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