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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was cat awoke me and cuddled with me...she lay down for a minut besides my pillow...after a short while she tried to get me up...I told her that I am too tired and need more sleep...she went away but I got a strange feeling and thought is she that long...but after a while when I get up I see my cat mating with a he cat...I just look with eyes with open...from where did he come....I go to kitchen and both cats also come...I gave them food...and after he have eaten...poof he was gone...I pet my cat and told her that we can not have kittens...

In this episode I was out walking and met my neighbour...we talked little and departed...soon I got to know that she has filed a report about me...and 2 women come to talk to me...and saying that I have to take back the report...I was is not me who have filed the report it is her...I have only talked regularly with her and did not notice anything being wrong at that time...and from no where she reports me....for what??..I again met her out and now she put a mask on her face and not saying anything...wierd....


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