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IA's Dream Diary

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Astral Projection

In last night dream I was on a holliday resort....I came in small childhood friend was also in the group....everyone did get there rooms quickly and no one gave me my I asked and I approached the desk and I saw a writing pad with only numbers..person had a number and the number of the room...when I tried to look into the writing pad they took it from me...and one said...follow me...and I took my suitcase and followed...she took me to a room with 8 beds...I at once felt claustofobic and in panic...I said..No I can not be in so crouded room....and the started at once to talk me over...No I said...I need a room with fewer persons...and I stand my ground...soon 2 women came and gave some sort of present to 2 of the women standing there...I felt they are testing me if I get yellous...but those things I am just happy for those who got the present....and after a long argument and me standing my ground...I gave up...and I entered the room and I shut the door harsly and when I turned around I was in room with one bed....I was so happy and I at once open the door to thank them for giving me own room...thank you thank you thank you....

I remembered what happened when I came out of my room and found a group of women so I went to sit with them....I have no problems to share about my life when the group like waited for me to say I started to say....I have always bean a spectator...when I grew up on the countryside...women had very good community and they had so much fun...they also drank alkochol when it was not allowed for women to do they shered this secret..the women did look surprised but amused...



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