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IA's Dream Diary

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I have had so strange dreams lately...for instance...I was shown how the hallus valgus looklike...the doctor had cut of the toejoint and the bumb was inside and he showed where he had to saw off and then put back like a lid on the toe joint??

In this episode it was like a jet of water one smaller with cold water and one bigger and deeper with warm water...I saw 2 fishes swimming in the cold water jet...and the stream was rather strong so one of the fishes was nearly going down to like a out flow...the fish had the mouth wide open like in I helped it back to the jet...

In this episode I saw a soap floating in the cold water jet and I took it and thought that it would be better in the warm water jet...

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Dec 21, 2022

Hehe. Strange indeed. I wager that you are being taught to strengthen your courage amidst all this fear inducing theater.



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