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IA's Dream Diary

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Last night dream started with seeing a horse being in a house with the door going inwards and he is investigating the door with his mouth...I say to my son that we are going to run into the woods quickly and I do not want the horse to see us...we run and after a while we end up in a dead end so to say...there is a toilet under a roof so you can see someone has build that and are living there...I look at my left side and I see a steps going upwards...I see a door and I hear people talking inside...I knock on the door and a male voice can enter it is open...I enter this hut and I see a man sitting by the table and a women doing the disches...I ask if they can help me and my son to find our way to a big road so we can hitchhike...the man takes out a big map...he says that he will be right forward and show us where we are...and he will give directions for us to go forward...I notice that we have not prepared at all for this journey...we did not even have a bottle of water with us??


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