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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was living in a hotel...I started to take a coffee on the entrance floor...chatting with a lady...I sat there for several days? after those days I said I have to check my room...I took the elevator up to second floor and tried my key on the doors but it did hot I asked where my room is...and they told me it is on the 3th floor...I took the elevator...and find my room...but it was a room with only a bed...several other with they big dogs where sleeping on the floor...and on that bed where I had my place also where several big dogs with their owners...I lyed down on my place...and to my surprice on the blanket there was a pocket...and in that pocket was a huge stack of took the money...

In this episode I was to a dentist...but he was no dentist and the women who took me to him knew this...I asked how much it costs...he said...900 ...I was dissapointed ..I felt it was too much..


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