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In last night dream I saw a women with 3 daughters...they where dressed in same way..dresses made by same fabric so you could see it was mother with her 3 daughters...oddly I saw this in black and white...??

In this episode I had a little girl on my back...this little girl was totally appathic...I tried to do trix so she would start to laugh but she just was lifeless??

The first dream is from my life...I was around 10-11 yrs old...The family with the 3 girls was living in same house...we lived on the 2ond floor and the family with the 3 girls on 5th floor...I was so depressed ...I think it is why I saw it in black and white...the mother of the girls asked me if I could look after the girls when she went to the dentist...I was so surprised to be asked...of course I said...she did show me if we went out to play where the spads and buckets are and if we wanted to be indoors what we where allowed to eat...all went well and she payed me 50 kr what was a lot of money that time...I was so happy and run home to tell mother...and she was so angry so angry...stop lying to me..and she snatched the money from my hand...and stomped out to ask the mother of the girls...and she come back but I do not remember if she gave back the money to me...mother did not say anything to me just looked at me with very angry eyes....

There was another neigbour who "adopted" me as theyre daughter...this did also anoy my mother...but I think that others did see how I was treated by my family....and this neigbour lady did give me a silver ring as a snake...I do not remember what happened to that day it was gone...

The second dream is me trying to help my inner child who still is sad...but it shows how depressed and sad I was growing up....I am crying here will be a day with a lot of tears...healing tears.



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