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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was visiting an old couple...the man asked me to go out for a walk with him...his wife get yellous and went to bed...when we arrived from the walk..I visited the bathroom and to my surprice there stood an Romani women...preagnent...I asked how did you get in here...she said that the door was the livingroom there was her 3 children makeing a mess....she apealed to my empathy for her being preagnent and having already 3 children...but I had to tell her to get out...she was not invite and can not do this for an old couple...when she left with her children I went out to look for the old lady...she was in bed sulking...she showed her toe she said it was I had to give her sympathy and soon she was happy and we could dring coffee and all was good....

Adam "chmuroN" Banasiak


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