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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream was like a apocalypse..first it was chaotic on the earth but when it started to be invation from the sky I gave from the sky invadors capture me I said...I am afraid and gave in....soon I feel a slap on my face and I was out of the dream...and the feeling in the slap do not give in...fight...

In this episode was a heard of horses going wild...they where in a guarry and I was so afraid they will injure them selves....

Jesse Bruce
Jesse Bruce
Dec 21, 2022

I sense that a part of you is dissapointed and being too harsh on yourself. You are trying. This is obvious and to be rewarded. Try not to get disheartened. The journey is meant to be fun. You would not be harsh to a child who was trying to do something that they could not. You would not be harsh to someone who is unfit and struggling to exercise. So go back in those dreams and tell them that they need to be kind to you and to appreciate your effort. I, for one, say well done! You are doing great.



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