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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was in middle of an ocean on an isle with only huge rocks...the isle is huge mountain...I am climbing up and down..and suddenly I see 2 bear cubs...I am sure the mama bear is near...I hide...and I panic...the water is rising...all goes pitch black...and I feel alone and abondened....suddenly I see a road a bit away and 3 cars driving on the road...I start wawing my am of the cars have a spotlight for using when they search for people...soon I hear a man take my hand...and when I take his hand all the light comes on in my eyes and I can see and to my surprise I am on the shore standing on a stone and the "ocean" is behind my back so to say...what?? did I go blind for a minut?? what happened?

In this episode I am going to visit my nice and visit her horse B...outside the stable a man is standing...I ask him what kind of plants I can give the horse...he give me a branch from a birch...he tells me that when the horse have grabbed the branch for me to pull back the branch...I am halloring to B hallo B I am coming to visit you...and the horse nighs back to me...but when I am going where the B is I meet a white horse and a man who is angry...and when they go a bit further out of sight a scuffle sister is running to stabilizize the stable doors...I am paralyzed as I always go when fights go off...when something big like this happens if I cant run and hide I go paralyze...very good picture why I can not defend my self.



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