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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I at last got to the centralstation....the dream went like this....I was out to a club with my sister....she come to me and said...we must go now...I said I have to find my jacket...I went into the club and serced and did find sister had already gone...I asked the door man for directions to the centralstation...I asked if I have to go to left or right...he said right...but not more did he say for helping I started to go to the right and to my surprice a man walked becides me and he said he was going to the centralstation....and in a very short time we where we went...and I felt that a narco dog did take a wift of me...I let it happen ...and I took my phone to ring to my sister...but for some reason the fire alarm went off and the water sprinkles went off...and here I awoke...


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