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Really trying to be motivated enough to get back to regular sessions of energy raising, my fruit salad and ratatouille practice for the third eye, even practicing aura practice but must admit with the cold weather and what’s going on in the world I’m finding it hard . I‘d been thinking this before going to bed and woke up to thinking

“ Try empowerment”.

No dream recall came with this.

( Google….. true empowerment comes when you convert intention into action)

okay so that’s a bit of encouragement even if I’m encouraging myself it’s positive .


“ Susan have you forgotten why you came here?” Stayed still and blocked off any new thoughts of mine in the hope to recall dream.


I remember standing facing my son who was sitting down on a sofa but then suddenly next to him another ‘him’ appeared There were two ! The first didn’t seem to be aware of the second that had suddenly appeared. The second one was smiling at me and seemed to have finer features.I got the feeling the original copy of my son wanted to get back to his friends . In the dream I’m trying to work out why I was seeing this.


A question being put directly like this using my name I feel is for consideration.

I’m being asked if I’ve forgotten why I came here. So this tells me that whatever it is then,I’m not doing it and need to be reminded. ( or need to remember)

In the dream I’m looking at a second purer more refined version of my son. I’ve been directed before into understanding I’m the characters in the dream. So this son is very spiritual himself. Was this dream connected to the question?

I know the directions I’ve been shown over the years and I know I’m not even trying to see the best in people, I’m not keeping my mind with positive thoughts, I’m not grateful or satisfied with what I already have . OMG the list goes on. I really need to work on myself. Too much outside interference.


A special place for our guest, Susan, to express themselves ...


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